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I'm Aneta..

I live in Prague and have been taking photos since I was about 17 years old. At that time, we bought the first family SLR camera for the household, but it was me who spent most of the time behind the camera. I was obsessed with photography. I photographed absolutely everything. I enjoyed taking pictures of details, different scenes, nature, I loved taking pictures during vacations and, finally, at the age of 25 I bought my own SLR. - experimentation..

My obsession with photography escalated. I started to surround myself with friends - mothers with children. I photographed mostly families, children, celebrations, but I was constantly driven by certain search. I had a great need to find my direction, which was far from being found. I started experimenting with fashion photography (fashion/editorial), which greatly enriched my life. I am a very organized person with a sense of aesthetics and in this respect, fashion photography is a dream come true for a like-minded creative person. Bringing together the combination of colorful clothes, suitable environment, feminine beauty and creating an order from an originally chaotic idea with a visually pleasing feeling when looking at the final photo, was my driving force for creating other photos. Focusing on fashion photography absorbed me to such an extent that I was unable to combine it with my main profession. Suddenly one day I stopped having the desire and strength to create, and I would call the subsequent period a certain exhaustion or even burnout.

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Aneta Jezkova Photography
Aneta Jezkova Photography
..street photography..

The artist's passion for his work is certainly a drive for further creative work. However, as soon as the passion for creation is out of sight, frustration and hopelessness appear. That's when my next photo-period began. I started walking around Prague with a camera in my hand and I slowly began to heal my insecurities by taking street photos. At that time, I didn't know anyone who was dedicated to street photography. I learned to go out with a camera and wander in the city streets aimlessly. It was a very strange and new feeling. I realized that solitude suits me during the photo shoot. I needed to find a certain peace of mind that would still allow me to think about my work, and street photography was ideal for that. ​

..see perfection in imperfection..

A few years have passed since then, and I still see street photography as my personal and spiritual matter. I am looking for an interesting moment in which everyday human activity takes place. I'm looking for a moment that will never happen again. I perceive this process as a paradox, which in a way it is. Wandering aimlessly with a camera in hand, and at the same time having to quickly notice every situation (which will take place in the next few seconds) and freeze the given moment in a photo. It's about being able to see perfection in our imperfectly ordinary world, and that's what makes THE street photography different from fashion photography, which is based on the completely opposite principle, where the final photo is based on "mere" perfection. My motivation is clear - to find and photograph ordinary moments in our extraordinary world.





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